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Brief introduction and use of sodium lactate

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Sodium lactate, the molecular formula is C3H5NaO3. A colorless or almost colorless transparent liquid that can be dissolved with water, ethanol and glycerin. It is applied to the fresh-keeping, moisturizing, increasing fragrance and pharmaceutical raw materials of food.
Sodium lactate properties
Sodium lactate, a simple structure of CH3CH (OH). COONa, is a colorless or yellowish transparent viscous liquid. It is hygroscopic. It can be mixed with water, ethanol or glycerin. Its aqueous solution is neutral.
Sodium lactate preparation method
Sodium hydroxide (or sodium carbonate) solution was added to the same amount of lactic acid solution. Boil it to make carbon dioxide run out, adjust pH to 7, add activated carbon to decolorization, filter, filtrate concentrated to 25 degrees sodium lactate.
Sodium lactate - main uses
(1) can be used as emulsifier, moisturizing agent, flavor agent, quality improver, antioxidant synergist and pH regulator is widely used in meat and poultry, food processing industry, to enhance flavor, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in food and prolong the shelf life of products;
(2) sodium lactate, as a food preservative, flavoring agent, antifreeze and moisturizer, has been used as a preservative in food industry in some countries instead of sodium benzoate. Sodium lactate has an incomparable advantage compared with sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, sodium sorbate and so on. Especially there are significant effect in meat products: 1, prolong the shelf life can be prolonged to 30%: 100%, 2, or even longer; inhibition of pathogens in food such as: HT, Lester E. coli bacteria Listeria bacteria, Clostridium botulinum bacteria such as bud growth, thereby increasing food safety; 3. Enhance the flavor and maintain meat; 4, as a kind of salt can not only reduce the dosage of sodium chloride, and sodium lactate on low salt heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, more safety. For example, the preparation of a fitness salt with a balance of potassium and sodium.
(1) sodium lactate is mainly used as an injectable injection in the medical field. Its main function is to supplement body fluids and regulate electrolyte balance in human body. Sodium Lactate Injection can relieve the poisoning caused by diarrhea, diabetes and gastritis. Sodium lactate is used to supplement body fluids or electrolytes in the intestines and stomach. It is widely used in continuous mobile Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus (CAPD) for nephrotic patients and dialysate on common artificial kidney.
(2) sodium lactate is used as an electrolyte and dialytic in intravenous injection, as well as in intestinal disinfectant, gargle and bladder injecting agent.
(3) sodium lactate is also widely used as a mixture of Green liquid to make injection for the treatment of metabolic acidosis.
(4) sodium lactate can be very effective in the treatment of skin dysfunction. Such as: extreme dry symptoms caused by skin dryness and so on. Lactic acid and lactate with anti microbial effect, it is used in anti acne products. They are usually used in combination with many other effective components to produce synergy.
(1) L- sodium lactate is also widely used as a moisturizer for skin care products, which can keep the skin water and reduce wrinkles.
(2) sodium lactate is a natural wetting factor, and 1/4 of the cuticle in the human skin is sodium lactate. Sodium lactate can be used in cosmetics to form hydration film with other chemical components, prevent skin moisture volatilization, make skin moist, and prevent wrinkles. It is widely used as moistening agent for skin care products. Lactic acid is also used as a regulator of pH. L- lactate can be as a new generation of skin whitening agents, as with other skin whitening agents with can produce synergistic effect.
(3) sodium lactate can be used as a moisturizer in various bath washing products, such as bath liquid, bar soap and moisturizing honey. It can be used as a pH regulator in liquid soap, soap and shampoo. In addition, adding to the bar soap can reduce the loss of water during storage and thus prevent the dry soap from cracking.


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